Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wildflowers of the Vermilon River. A Post to Sky Watch Friday.

Friendly Clouds

The weather has been both sunny and rainy this week so I thought these clouds depicted both. Despite the three days of rain and maybe more we got out into the forest, and that's the theme for today. The sun and rain has resulted in even more colour in the form of wildflowers. I think what amazes me is the incredible array of colour from the subtle blueberry white,or the strong daisy white to the vivid purples and pinks of the wild lupin. 

A Hint of Storms


The vivid yellows are certainly supported by the buttercups, and dandelions. But do you notice how subtle the yellow of the Goat's Beard is. The Goat's Beard, by the way, is only available for photography in the morning.

In Seed

Goat's Beard.



Mountain Ash.

I'm not certain about the Coltsfoot or the Loosestife. The Loosestrife is not growing in a wetland so it can not be the purple variety which is invasive.

Queen Anne's Lace.

Red Clover.

The Tufted or Cow Vetch was identified by my readers, as was the Bladder Campion shown below.

Tufted or Cow Vetch.

Bladder Campion.

Bladder Campion.


Wild Asters.

Long-leaved Stitchwort.

Wild Purple Lupin

Wild Pink Lupin.

Wild Lupin comes in two colours,electric purple and electric pink.

The blueberry bushes are now showing berries. The one below is still in flower and forming berries. The pin cherry trees are starting to show berries as well.

Ripening Blueberries.

Eastern Swallowtail.

Eastern Swallowtail.

I have seen sulphurs, blues, and one black swallowtail, and a cercopia moth. None of which I was able to photograph. But I haven't seen any painted ladies or monarchs or luna moths. But I have seen lots of eastern swallowtails.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, as usual, and great captures of the Eastern Swallowtail. I think, but am not quite sure, that what you have listed as wild asters, might be Fleabane. But, hey, they're a member of the Aster family, so, what the heck.

  2. I think you're right Louise.

  3. I've been trying to found out about the same pink plant you have as loosestrife. I think it's mountain laurel (calico bush), which I just posted on my blog ( What do you think?

    The purple one you have as unknown is some type of columbine. I also have it and it's in shades of purple, pink and white (so I think that makes them "Granny's Bonnet's" Columbine?

    Well, got get back to paying bills!

  4. Nice flowers and a terrific Swallowtail.

  5. To Grace you're dead right with the Mountain-Laurel.Glad it's not loosestife as its a threat to wetlands. And again with the columbine. This one is the northern edition and known as columbine brevistyla or blue columbine. Good detective work, and thanks.

  6. I also think your unknown is a columbine and the other is fleabane (wild aster). I don't think your loosestrife is actually that. You could join in with Wildflower Wednesday over at Clay and Limestone.
    May all your weeds be wildflowers!

  7. Pretty collection of photos
    And those flowers are beautiful, they might only last a few weeks but what a show they put on

  8. Great shots!
    I like all of them.
    Great captures of the Eastern Swallowtail.

  9. They are blue columbine and mountain laurel as suggested earlier CG.

  10. Great photos for SWF!Have a nice weekend!

  11. you have captured the season beautifully.
    flowers and skies, so gorgeous to see.

  12. You have a nice variety of wildflowers. One would not tire of this trail because of the many beautiful spurpsies thagt await the hiker.

    My sky is here

  13. They're on all the trails that I hike PC.

  14. very pretty pictures gary!
    I remember whole fields full of buttercups in The Netherlands! Brings back lots of good memories!

    Thanks for sharing

  15. Beautiful flowers. I always get to know names of the flowers here.

  16. Beautiful clouds, I'm singing, "Build Me Up Buttercup, don't break my heart, and your flowers shots are lovely. I really like the shot of the goat's beard - sweet little flower.
    And then, butterflies. What a wonderful post of many lovelies. I can't help thinking you should have had one little birdie. ;)
    Have a great weekend Gary!

  17. The butterflies were suppose to stand in for birds, Carletta.

  18. Beautiful photos--such a variety of wildflowers! But my favorite is your header--what a handsome fellow!

  19. this was pure delight. thanks for this series of photos - I learned something. my favorite is the Goatsbeard. I've been wondering what that is and now I know. it's a gorgeous flower. Lupines are one of my favorites. I used to grow them and loved their spicy fragrance, though I've never known anyone else who smelled it! and when those blueberries color up I hope you get some shots of those too! happy SWF Gary, and thanks for visiting Shaking The Tree, I appreciate it very much. have a great weekend. (Boomer too).

  20. Rose: Boom always steals the show!!

  21. Ms Becky: Goat's beard is a fantastic flower in looks and colour.

  22. Thanks Sallie. Got your comments via email.

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    ✿ ˚ •.
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    ● / ✿
    / ▌
    / \ Beijinhos. ✿
    ˚. ✿ Brasil

  24. wow! gorgeous shots...very nice! thanks for dropping by my SWF entry at

  25. Beautiful clouds for SkyWatch, Gary, and beautiful wildflowers to gladden the summer forest for you and Boom.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  26. So many gorgeous flowers, and I love the swallowtail at the end too!

  27. All natural wildflowers Pat!!

  28. I almost did the same type of post for Skywatch Friday!!! Beautiful clouds!!!

  29. Wonderful wildflowers, all except the Kalmia also grow in the land of my birth and make me feel homesick. The Kalmia or calico bush I have in my mountain garden. Thank you for this treat.

    1. Or called Mountain Laurel here.

    2. Apparently the Mountain Laurel comes in white also.