Thursday, September 8, 2011

Big Skies, Flora and Fauna of The Vermilon River. A Post to SWF.

Bright Sky.
Darkening Skies.
 Most of these photos were taken prior to the cold snap, although the second sky sure promises something. The forest flowers are diminishing now although some continue to bloom. The wild sunflowers are from my garden, but are in the forest also. They provide, of course, seeds for the birds, and nectar for the insects, as perhaps the last forest bounty before winter. It's unbelievable how tough these Johnny Jump Ups are. The hawk photo is just too difficult to tell which he is. I think the hawks have a rough time here as the Ravens attack them on sight. A Post to SWF @

Toadflax or" butter& eggs."

Wild Sunflowers.

Johnny Jump Ups

Mourning Cloak

Cabbage White.

Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly

Juvenile Northern Harrier or Sharp Shinned Hawk

Huegy Complaing.

The Regal Huegy.


White Throat at the feeder.

Red Squirrel


  1. Lovely images from your nature walks, the colours of nature are ever so pretty

  2. You make the north look wonderfully appealing!

  3. I love the darkening sky. I haven't seen toadflax since childhood. I always called them mini snapdragons. A great series of shots.

  4. Wo gary what a beautiful collection of shots. I love the cloudy sky but that squirrel and that Mourning Cloak are superb!

  5. Great shots Gary and the last one is so cute :)

  6. Great name for the "Johnny Jump Ups". Won't be too long now before those blue skies are a thing of the past.

  7. you know i adore those squirrel endings!!! and your toadflax is gorgeous! ours is a light purple/blue tone. very pretty post!

  8. Great variety in subjects chosen.

  9. Such wonderful skies and a lovely variety of nature's very best!

  10. More spectacular photos--I love scrolling through your post. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  11. Love the mourning cloak butterfly and all the other lovely things you show us. Love the second cloud shot.

  12. OH, we haven't seen Huegy in a while. I'm glad to see that he's OK. That little red squirrel has the market on cute!

  13. Wonderful shots as usual. You have quite a collection!

  14. Another beautiful set of photo's. The Toadflax is pretty and I love the Johnny Jump ups.
    Is Boomer an Alaskan Huskie or a Malmute? We had a part Malmute pup years ago when we lived in Washington State.

  15. Hi Gary

    A great post with lots of variety. I really liked the Mourning Cloak and the Toadflax. And Huegy is indeed looking regal.


  16. Hello Gary, and Hello to Boomer too (very beautifully natured looking Dog),
    I'm new to SWF, and I'm discovering it is just as rewarding to go travelling about Visiting other Skies and meet new Folk and in this case Companion too, as it is to contribute.
    Love your Slide Show way... how did you achieve it? if you don't mind me having asked?

    Where to begin...
    Dramatic is your 'Darkening Sky', the formation of the main Cloud in 'Bright Sky' looks similar... did they occur on the same day?... happens that way for me sometimes where I am in Queensland Australia. Love the Sky.

    Have not seen Toadflax Flowers before... certainly do look like Butter and (Runny)Eggs.
    And the Johnny Jumps Up are so vibrant... they would give a surprise when first seeing.

    I always admire those for who Butterflies are willing to pose for... Mourning Cloak is very exotic,
    and Dragonflies included... the 2nd looks as if it has been through difficult times... so pleased it is still able to fly.

    Love Sparrows, in Australia I have only seen them in Browns... quite striking to see with white and the distinctive patterning.

    Have thoroughly enjoyed my Visit... still hope the Slide Show way is a way I can adopt...
    Good wishes to you and Boomer from Magda in Australia

  17. Hello again Gary & also to Boomer,
    I've since discovered the slide-show thingy is a gift from the Blogger Team & Google to Bloggers...

    Wonderful compliment to Bloggers, and a great boon for Visitors....

    appreciation from Magda in Australia