Thursday, September 15, 2011

A New Wetland, Cedar Waxwings, Song Sparows, Ducks Geese, Chickadees and Butterflies of the Vermilon River. A Post to SKF.

North End New Wetland.
As you can see from the sky in photo one, we've had bright weather, although the temperature took a sudden nose dive  to about 15 degrees C during the day and around 5 degrees C at night. The first two photos are scenes of the new wetland on the west side of the river, which I found an easy way into. On the right in photo one  is a white spot. That's a gull so you have some idea of the size of the wetland.

I included the toadflax again because they're so bright. I ran into a flock of Cedar waxwings and these are a few of the shots. They're so playful with one another, and sometimes I think they pose for the camera. The Song Sparrow is of course a favourite of mine because of their perpetual singing. The Chickadee was a lucky shot as they're hard to catch because of the tree canopy. The Geese are only practising I hope, as the ducks seem content to stay. The butterflies are almost like little pieces of sun themselves. A Post to SWF @

 Gosh if you click on the photos it turns into a slide show. Try it.
South end.


Adult Cedar Waxwing.

Moulting Cedar Waxwing.

Waxwing Leap Frog.

Song Sparrow.

Black-capped Chickadee.

Ring-billed Gull In Flight.

Female Wood Ducks in The New Wetland

Canada Geese Forming a " V"

Cabbage White.

Pink-edged Sulphur.


  1. Marvelous post. The Pink-edged Sulpher is beautiful.

  2. Lovely to see Gary... I have seen/heard the geese flying noisely over my house for the last few mornings...a beautiful sight.
    A nice series of images.

  3. Great collection of photos enjoying the views that nature provides, thanks for sharing with SWF

  4. Love your collection of birds and the flower it's my first time to see this kind. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Love the slideshow, and your bird shots are amazing.

  6. I love the toadflax! You are right about the colours being so vibrant! I don't know about your geese, but ours are only flying in formation as far as the next grain field, fattening up, and strengthening those muscles for the long haul...

  7. love the shot of the wood ducks with the colorful reflections. :)

  8. Terrific series of shots! Great reflections on the water in the sky shots. It's getting chilly here too, going down to 7C tonight!

  9. The slideshow is great, bigger photos. The wax wing leap-frog is cute, the song sparrow is a pretty little bird, and the black-capped chickadee certainly had his beady eye on you, "Hey, who you looking at?"
    Is the toadflax related to the Anterrhinum/snapdragon family? Great photo's again, but tell Boomer I think he is beautiful.

  10. What a beautiful post! I love the geese the most!
    Happy SWF!

  11. Our geese are trying to straighten their rows these days too--and all 'talking' at once.
    Autumn looks nice on the river!

  12. Excellent post Gary. Like Andrew said it wont be long before Geese are once again on the move here in the UK.

  13. So many great pictures . It's nice we have the wetlands to give these creatures a safe haven.

  14. Lovely shot and reflection Gary!
    I had to smile at the leap frogging waxwings. :)
    Carletta's Captures

  15. Toadflax????? What a beautiful flower--so colorful. Love all the birds--what a variety you are privileged to see. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  16. Hi Gary

    Great post, the leaping waxwing was a very neat shot.

    Hi to Boomer.


  17. Love the slide show! I always look forward to your round-up of the activity along the river. The geese have been flying and honking madly this past week. last night we had a wide-spread frost warning, which is pretty early for this area. your photos are splendid, I especially like that new wetland. you're truly blessed to live in such a magnificent spot. happy weekend to you Gary. and Boomer too!

  18. Beautiful blue skies! Wonderful series of photos.

  19. Beautiful photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  20.! What a gorgeous area!! The Toadflax is striking...and the birds are sweet...

  21. Great pics.

    I'd love you to share them with me at Walkabout