Thursday, June 12, 2014

A View Of The Lush Vermilon Forest.

I put this shot in because it's the only way to travel the River comfortably, but also the canoe, at least to me, looks like a restored cedar strip, a work of art. I'd give my eye teeth to own that beauty, but I'm not certain that I could now sit it. The weather was good last week and the forest reflects earlier rain and some sun as you'll see. In fact everything is moving ahead in leaps and bounds. This is a long post so use the slide show.


Same butterfly showing the outside wings. It's a Painted Lady
This whole section shows the forest blooms. Opposite are Choke Cherries, blooming at the same time as the Pin Cherries, an unusual occurrence.

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Pin Cherries

Star Flowers

Wild Strawberries

Pin Cherries

Pin Cherries

Choke Cherries

High Bush Cranberries

Canada Mayflower growing along the forest floor.

And herein lies a story. These are fiddleheads becoming fern fronds. They are a main dish along the eastern shore of the US and Canada. They are rich in fatty acids. They're usually served with a hollandise sauce.
This photo is just to give you some idea of the size of the Berry trees.
Every year I'm fortunate enough to see and photograph a snapping turtle. These shots are from two years ago. She's laying her eggs in the sand at the edge of the pond. She's well over 25 inches long and is therefore over 25 years old. They live to 70.
Same Turtle. Notice that her shell is not large enough to withdraw into. On land she will attack and her neck is long and rotates. She doesn't attack in the water, where she feels safe.
You cannot move these guys by the shell, or you will break her back. You move them by using a plank or paddle.
I got these shots last year in a large wetland. They're reproducing, not bad for a couple of 70+.
This is a small one about 10 inches long that I saw this year.
Ontario has nine species of turtle. All but one is at risk,with poaching and lose of habitat ranking high in the causes.
This is a Mourning Warbler that decided to pose for me.

Red Winged Blackbird.

Male Tree Swallow

I was lucky enough to run into another group of Cedar Waxwings.


Enough of this. Let's eat now.