Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1 Male Hairy Woodpecker of the Vermilon River

Quite Agile Isn't He

Side View

Back View
Larger than the Downy which I have not seen up here the male Hairy Woodpecker is a handsome fellow with those dramatic black and whites setting off that red patch.   


  1. Lovely pics of the female and male Hairy Woodpeckers. I used to attract them with suet to my feeders but had to stop because they were destroying my crab apple tree. Sounds like winter has arrived where you are. We are still having a reprieve, won't last much longer though.

  2. Hi Hilke: Thanks for the praise. I think this forest supports these guys well because the softwoods are white birch and aspen. Trees with limited lifespan and great rot potential which fosters insects for these guys. Boom and I enjoy that baritone "jeep" call as a sort of hello on our hikes and at home.

  3. Nice photos of the woodpecker. Looks a lot like the woodpeckers we've got here in Norway, but I guess it's another species. They are quite fun to watch!

  4. Thanks for the visit. Hope you'll return. Boom & Gary.