Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Invitation: This Time To View some Hairy Woodpeckers of The Vermilon River

Where's The Snow?
Boom and I are shut-ins today because we had freezing rain last night when we're supposed to have permanent snow cover. It's 8 degrees (C) now. If this doesn't change soon the bears will wake up again, and Boomer will need water wings. He's not a water dog at all; that's those other guys the black labs or something. I just heard the weather report about the same temperature tonight with rain and a potential of thunderstorms. Get the water wings Boom.

 Hope you enjoy the Woodpeckers. I'll start to post on Tuesday @ 7 PM EST through to Sat night.


  1. Gary, Your thumbnail comes up on on the WBW page but it does not link to your blog correctly. Please give it another try if you can. The bugs are getting worked out!

  2. Gary, When I click on the thumbnail of your entry it tries to go to your page but says it can't be found. I don't know... the other entry's working. Thanks for the plug on your blog! It is appreciated.