Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some Wetlands of The Vermilon River

To the N.E.

The bottom End

Almost The same View

Same View showing an Early Turning Tree
This is by far one of my favourite wetlands for several reasons. It's easy to get to and the hike usually allows for several good photo opportunities, not that I'm ready for them all. So far I've missed two otters, a weasel who scared both himself and me, and several birds, but there's lots of time. I also use it as a blind area where I wait to see what will pass. The wetland and the lower stream feeds into larger wetlands which I call the east track area, an abandoned RR line. The trail is good and the wet earth allows for some tracking . You can see the elevation in the reflection so the far side is impassable except by higher trail. In the top photo, the little island is an abandoned beaver hutch. This is common as the beavers are at the mercy of the water level, which was really low this year. I'll show some other areas in later posts.

This was intended as the first post in the series, but was missed. Now I'm posting it.

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