Saturday, November 27, 2010

3 Female Hairy Woodpecker Of The Vermilon River

Just Digging Right In There 

Her head IsTurned

Side View

Her Head Is Almost In The Tree
She is not posed against white this time, but she is just as attractive.


  1. Another great set Gary. This pretty lady must have been to busy to notice you were there. The detail is great and the background blur excellent I'll bet you were using your 500mm. The weatherman is promising a sunny day tomorrow followed by two days of slush so I'm hoping to get out. My 400mm is f5.6 so I need a ton of light. Cheers Springman

  2. Yup I used the 500MM. I think tomorrow is sunny here so I'll be out. I traded my cane for adjustable walking ski poles now the snow is here so Boom and I were out practising today.I also on Friday bought a UV filter for the lens for protection not really for the the UV value. God this is an expensive hobby.

  3. Lord do I know what you mean about expensive. I don't have a UV filter but I think they're supposed to make the sky really blue. Treking poles are awesome. Maybe you can get an attachment and use one as a monopod.