Monday, September 20, 2010

Introduction Cont'd

I am posting some photos in anticipation of the criticism that I am being too hard on the locals. I don't usually photograph garbage, but all this mess is directly in front of two major wetlands in the east track area, an abandoned railway right of way. The municipality is more than aware of this garbage. The creosoted wood and the fill is right beside the sign which is written in proper English and French,outlining the penalty for dumping. The Lord only knows what the tank originally held,and has since leached into the soil.The box is right beside a dumped plastic bag of lawn clippings,which someone is too lazy to dispose of correctly.


  1. But its out there, and it doesn't stop. The Scouts just cleaned up Junction Creek,which had a major cleanup last year.

  2. It's rife.....and believe's not just in your's bloody everywhere these days.
    In Calgary we have clean ups every year all along the river...where volunteers, including children, pick up the junk carelessly tossed by idiots all those months.......... and the amount and diversity of garbage collected is absolutely disgusting...some of it very dangerous. Common sense and decency seem to have been bred out of the human race...... at the rate of pollution and ruination of land and especially of our water supply ?..... I doubt the earth can withstand very many more years....'m off to look at some of your other beautiful photos....