Saturday, June 11, 2011

Various Birds of The Vermilon River. A Post to Camera Critters And Scenic Sunday.

Song Sparrow

Despite the unstable weather I've done a bit of hiking although not nearly so much as I wanted to.
These shots were taken along the fringe of the east track wetlands.

The song sparrow is a favourite of mine, and lives on the fringe of the wetlands.
Red-winged Blackbird

Raven With Prey.

I caught the Red-winged Blackbird high in a tree which is unusual as they are normally in the wetland. Then I stumbled into some Ravens and caught them in flight, and, on the right, returning from a raid on a smaller bird's nest. You can click to enlarge the photos as usual.

Raven In Flight.

A Pair of Canada Geese

Canada Goose

These Geese were on land and I think send there to keep me away from the wetland. As I said in earlier posts the rains have flooded out their nesting sites, I think, on the Vermilon River, and I've been looking for them.

They took off and that's the same geese landing below.

Landing In Tandem

Not a bad landing flying so close together. But I'm  certain the pair below need to practise some more.
Bad Take Off or Landing.

Standing Around

Still Standing Around

With Goslings

This is what it was all about. They, the geese, outmanoeuvred me as I was directly above them at one point, but I didn't see any goslings. The geese on land were send to ward me off if I got too close. Once I was far enough away, they joined the elders and out came the goslings.

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  1. the raven shot was spectacular (sad to hear it was a nest raid tho!!!) glad to see some of the goslings made it thru the flooding!!!

  2. What amazing shots. Love that tandem landing!

  3. Wonderful, these birds are beautifully captured, in action. Very good. Greetings.

  4. I'm usually too busy watching the geese as they land to think about getting any good shots! Haven't seen too many goslings around here. Yet.

  5. I love the raven shots, awesome. And the song sparrow is pretty. Wonderful post and photos.

  6. Wonderful group of photos as always! Your blog is a treat.

  7. The pose of the sparrow is hilarious :)

  8. All fabulous but love the ones of the raven and the shape he creates mid-flight.

  9. Some wonderful captures Gary.
    The raven shot is amazing!
    Carletta's Captures

  10. Good choice Gary, Song Sparrow is a lovely little sparrow.

  11. Wonderful, Gary, the geese making you keep away from the goslings, and only letting them swim out when you were beyond their invisible boundary.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  12. Canadian Geese have always been a favorite of mine. We had tons of them in Colorado when I lived there...long long long ago. And the gosling photo is just too precious for words.

    Do stop by if you have time to view my:


    Hope your weekend is treating you well!!

  13. Great shots Gary - love the Raven but above all is Boomer :)

  14. Brilliant photos of the Canada Geese and goslings.

  15. Fun shots, Gary. I find Canada geese quite entertaining. :)

  16. Nice set of shots. Love the baby geese. I don't think I've seen Canadian geese babies. I think we get a few adults here in the winter.

  17. Amazing captures this week. I have some shots of baby geese up this week. Enjoy the weekend.

  18. Lovely images of your wildlife Gary...
    Great to see Canada Geese in ...Canada.

  19. A lovely selection of bird images.

  20. Wonderful photos, all of them, but WOW the raven shot!!

  21. 。˚✿•
    Olá, amigo!

    Suas fotos são bonitas e imponentes... a natureza dando seu show... amei!!!

    Hoje no meu país é dia dos namorados,


    Boa semana!

    。˚ ˚ ˛✿

  22. They're all very nice! I especially like the last one with the goslings, though. :)

  23. I like how the song sparrow sits. Seems dfficult to me. :)