Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Continuation of A Hike on The West Bank of The Vermilon River. A Post to Sky Watch Friday.

Fair Skies.

I'm sure the weather here is much like the weather else wheres . More rain than sun which inhibits hiking but suits the forest with what looks like a strong berry year. That means lots of photo opportunities. In the third photo I thought I might get lucky and see a sun dog, but unfortunately no.

Still Fair

Trying for a Sun dog

River Wetland

Much of this post is a continuation of a hike along the west bank on the abandoned RR bed. This is an easy hike with lots to see. With berries starting to come on you have to be attentive to bears, and as I said earlier to the river. Just because I talk affectionately of it doesn't mean it isn't dangerous.

The Vermilon creates its own system of wetlands which can be enhanced by the beavers. That's not the case here but the trail runs through one of the wetlands so you're surrounded by a secondary river channel on one side and on the other, the wetland shown here.

Blue Flags on the Far Bank

The blue Flags are on the opposite river bank. The river widens and then narrows quickly to form the rapids. If you were in a canoe, you would want to know this.

The rapids are mainly on this side of the island, but veer round the little island. In a canoe you would stick to the gentle rapids on the island side; land on the far shore, and portage over the old bridge abutments. The water chute between the bridge abutments is too fast to try going through in your canoe. But with high water the current is too strong to try a landing on the far side of the island. I think the current would just sweep you into the chute.

Beginning of Rapids.

The River goes round a small Island

Male Ebony Jewel

Thanks for all the help in identifying these guys. They're beauties aren't they.

If someone wants to try the moth or the dragonfly, great, and thanks in advance.

Female Ebony Jewel.

Unknown Moth.


Male Redwinged Blackbird.

All the shots of the Redwinged Blackbirds were taken in the wetland shown above, except the close up.

Female Redwinged Blackbird.

Close Up Female Redwinged Blackbird.

Cedar Waxwing.

Cedar Waxwings.

With the ripening berries the Cedar Waxwings are gathering. I swear these guys will pose for you.

A Pair of Waxwings.

Song Sparrow

I'm not seeing as many song sparrows as usual, but that's because the tree canopy is so thick and they just disappear into it, because I can sure hear them.

Male Goldfinch

Profile of Male Goldfinch.

The Goldfinch are easy to spot because they're so bright. The chipmunk below stuck around for a few photos which is a surprise because he's on almost every one's lunch list.


Fox with lunch

The trail starts off on a RR maintenance road which has a large bend in it, as I came around the it so did this guy, with dinner in his mouth. If this is the fox from my river scene he's a much better hunter now.

 If you want to see his earlier escapades click on or go to the April posts and watch him hunt the geese.

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  1. love all of these. the bright goldfinches, the soon-to-be-filled fox, the gorgeous pair of cedar waxwings in the tree with the sunlight on them, the chippy! lovely

  2. You have my favorite, the Cedar waxwing. I couldn't read all of your blog today as the photos covered many of the words but the photos were good enough without the words.

  3. Love the beautiful, colorful birds and the four-legged critters along with your beautiful skies for the day! What a lovely world you have, Gary, and you always capture it beautifully. Hope you and Boomer have a great weekend on there on the Vermilion River!!


  4. Wonderful! I just love your collection of images. Thanks for taking us along on your walk.

  5. Fabulous shots of birds and lovely sky.

  6. This was an amazing trek, as always. But to catch a fox with lunch, now that's luck--thanks for sharing!!

  7. I love dragonflies, I don't see them in my suburban landscape.

    Oh you have rapids too. How wonderful.

  8. So wonderful, Gary. I've been away and haven't been able to keep up with everyone's blogs, and I'm beginning to see what I missed.
    Love your photos!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  9. A lovely journey around your wonderful part of the world. Fantastic to see.

  10. Beautiful shots of everything!! The birds and insects are incredible, and that stream flowing down the hill is just lovely. Have a great weekend. Mickie :)

  11. A magical, beautiful place to wander!

  12. Wow, what a post apart from all the birds you have a fox and chipmunk as well as great landscapes and explanation of the terrain. Just lovely.

  13. ჱܓ

    Passei apenas para lhe dizer

    Bom fim de semana!!!

    Que fotografias maravilhosas!!!

    ° 。✿ °° 。Beijinhos.
    ✿ °° 。Brasil

  14. What wonderful shots! Such a great place to hike...

  15. Beautiful birds and skies! Great shots!

  16. stunning shots...thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos...:)

    thanks for dropping by at

  17. This is the first time I have come across your blog and I am fascinated. I too do walks on my blog Loose and Leafy

    There I talk about leaves and rocks and caterpillars and the sea - it is all so very gentle compared with your landscape. I'm glad I don't have to be wary of bears!


  18. Wonderful! I esp. love the shot of the fox. Looks as though he's thinking he got caught in the act!!