Sunday, August 28, 2011

The East Track Beaver Pond of the Vermilon River. A Post to MWT.

Lower Side showing new Lodge.
West Side.
 I hope that " My World" is up and operating as it is one of my favourite posts, because it coincides with the purpose of my blog, which is a photo journal of a small part of the world Boom & I live in. Boom & I don't pretend to be experienced birders, or naturalists, or even wildlife photographers, we just enjoy our woods and count ourselves lucky to live in a wilderness. Several commenter's have said my photos are good if not excellent. First thanks, but really it's all luck and good equipment with probably a good dose of enthusiasm.  Today it's a visit to the east track beaver pond which I've not been to since the spring. It's changed as one of the lodges has been abandoned, I expect for natural reasons. I seem to have got photos of everything, but beaver at this pond. I think the reason being that their work highway is on the other side. But today I was lucky as I caught this fellow in the photos below.

 Some of the scenes, which I've included, were just fun to take because it was bright, and the cloud reflections are vivid. The last photo shows early signs of fall. The primary fall colour of this forest is yellow, as we have limited numbers of maple. Any red comes from the Pin Cherry Tress.

The blueberries signal my rest time, and of course they no longer exist. A Post To MWT @

East End

Further East.

The Beaver Dam ( the mud wall)

Some Beaver Work Going On.

Mainly for the Clouds But the little Island is The abandoned Lodge

Ripe Blue Berries.
Forest Showing Sign of Fall.


  1. great shots! lucky you to catch the beaver! really nice!

  2. Wonderful images - love the reflections.

  3. those beaver (well i just guess it is a beaver cause i don't really know....) pictures are really cool!

    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Great, a Beaver making its way without worries.

  5. Wow... Gary I really enjoyed this post...
    Beavers a beautiful animals.. thanks for sharing.

  6. Well, your pictures ARE beautiful! The beaver pond is so calm and serene, and I loved that you caught pictures of them actually at work. Thanks for the tour.

  7. You and Boomer live in a wonderful place, no overhead wires to spoil the shots. It all looks very tranquil but with a lot going on that is unseen no doubt. Lovely photo's, and nice shots of the beaver. Did you eat all those blueberries?

  8. Very nice. Love the Beaver shots. There's talk of re-introducing them here.

  9. Great scenery Gary and the beaver is an extra special treat!Thank you for showing your lovely surroundings on Our World.

  10. I love the marvellous clarity of the sky - and that beaver too!

  11. CCCoooooool beav shots! I keep looking, but so far, no findey.

  12. Beavers are my favorite mammals after dogs. They are so smart and so industrious.

  13. You live in a beautiful and peaceful setting! Love the beavers! I see hints of autumn around here already also. I've already started to gather wood for a winter's fire. The recent hurricane/tropical storm made this easy! Nice shots! Keep up the enthusiasm!