Monday, August 1, 2011

Life Along the Vermilon River. A Post to MWT.

Long Lake Wetlands.
 The photos were taken mostly in the Long Lake Wetlands area, although some were taken on the northern part of the river. We are in desperate need of rain but the water never ceases to flow in the wetlands or the river.
Vermilon River at a wide bend.
 The Blue Flags were taken to the north of the Long Lake Wetlands earlier, and are now gone. Toad Flax are popularly called butter and eggs.

This is a post to My World Tuesday @
Blue Flag.

Toad Flax

Wild Asters

Wild Tiger Lilies.

Johnny Jump Up.
There are actually a fair number of Tiger Lilies in the forest, which I expect escaped from gardens, or were dumped with unwanted earth. There are also day Lilies and roses which have gone wild. Johnny Jump ups come in many colours and grow in the most inhospitable places.

Johnny Jump Up.

Maybe Spotted Joe-Pye-Weed.

Monarch Butterfly.

Grass Hopper.


Green Butterfly.

Ripe Pin Cherries.

Ripe Dogwood berries.

Male Goldfinch.

The birds were all photographed near the wetland where there is both water, and berries. Although the creek is down, it's still supporting a fair number of  four legged critters as I found fox, and wolf or coyote tracks.
Song Sparrow.

Song Sparrow.

Tree Sparrow

Tree Sparrow.

Juvenile Gull

Ring Bill Gull In Flight.

Crow or Raven In Flight.

Female Northern Flicker

Female Northern Flicker.


  1. love that you get johnny jump ups in the forest! how beautiful!

  2. Lovely shots..what a great variety of wildflowers!

  3. Wow, another beautiful series of images. I love going along on the walks with you and your camera. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What lovely photos of the wetlands in full summer bloom.

  5. Really brilliant photos, the dragons, the birds and the flowers are exceptional.

  6. Beautiful place with such lovely flowers and birds.

  7. It must be a paradise for a photographer your piece of the world Gary!
    Beautiful landscape and lots of flowers and animals.
    Best of all is the top picture of Boomer ;) makes me happy every time I visite :)

  8. Didn't I have a lovely 'scroll' through your blog today. It was almost as good as being there. I'd certainly like to visit your area someday and see all this beauty for myself!!

  9. A photographers paradise indeed! The flowers and colors are exquisite and I love the butterflies! Breathtaking captures for the day as always, Gary! Hope you and Boomer have a wonderful week!


  10. Love the flicker shots. It's amazing how many garden flowers have escaped, and survive easily in the wild. Makes us aware how careful we all have to be with what we plant.

  11. Very pretty scenery and wildflowers. Lovely photos from your world. Have a great week!

  12. I love the wildflowers, especially the iris.

  13. Great captures. You sure are having a great time amidst all these.

  14. Breathtaking and soothing display of your world with such a variety of wildlife. I've learned English name of some flowers and birds. I'd like to go there in person with my camera. Have happy days ahead,Gary.

  15. Love your pink edged green butterfly and all the flowers and birds.

  16. Hi there - hope you get some rain. But if your weather is anything like ours it will rain some much it will flood!

    Great set of pictures.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  17. nice set of everything :) Love the Flicker shots.