Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Scenes, Spider Webs,Blue Jay, Robin, Sparrows, Teal Ducks,Red Squirrels, and a Milbert's Tortiseshell Butterfly.

The Golds.
These posts are getting too long, but I wanted to show you some fall colour in the forest, which is mainly a gold forest against a green background, with splashes of red. I included the shrubs or trees that turn red, but you can see they're in the minority. We've had five days of rain, and all the spider webs coated in water caught my fancy. I caught the squirrel harvesting a cone using the tree highway. The rest are photos that I took today, Sunday, the first nice day we've had. By the way the Robins will stay as long as the berries last. A Post to My World Tuesday @
North Wetland.

North Wetland with Pin Cherry Trees in the Forefront.

The Vermilon Looking Very Gold.

Red Moutain Ash Tree.

Maple Tree

Pin Cherry Tree

Not All the Maples Go Red.

Yellow Ground Bushes.

Spider Web.

Spider Web

Twp Spider Webs.

Blue Jay


Likely A Swamp Sparrow

White-throated Sparrow.

Blue-winged Teal In Flight.

Red Squirrel After A Pine Cone.

Red Squirrel With Pine Cone.

Milbert's Tortiseshell.


  1. Things are happening fast up there Gary! Great shots!

  2. the 2nd spider web, the blue jay and that gorgeous tortoiseshell b-fly are my favorites!

  3. Autumn is just arriving here Gary... a wonderful time of year.

  4. Hi Gary

    I really liked your landscape shots and you really captured the autumnal mood of your walk.


  5. It's such a beautiful season with all these colours! Beautiful post.

  6. Oh you are entering this period where everything is gonna turn red and orange on the trees!!! What a beautiful secen you have... Here it goes to quickly and one does not have the time to take pictures of it ;-) Your blue jay is beautiful but I have to say that the squirrel shot is wonderful and by far my favorite ;-)

  7. Your fall shots are all so beautiful. You're a lot further along with fall than we are.

  8. Great photo's yet again, love the squirrel, butterfly and spiders webs, the second one looks like it was crocheted.

  9. I am not a fan of spiders or their webs, but your photos of them look magical, and yes, crocheted is a good description!

  10. The colours in these shots are magnificent!

  11. Those spiderwebs are beautiful. You're so far advanced into Fall up there. Here, the leaves haven't begun to turn yet.

  12. looks like my place except for the birds.

  13. A sure sign of fall are those strings of gleaming diamonds the spiders spin. Adorable red squirrels, birds and butterfly not to mention the lovely leaves ...

  14. Fall came much too quickly, but oh, how beautiful!