Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Scenes, Canada Geese, Sparrows, Rusty Blackbirds, Wild Flowers, and A Water Bomber of the Vermilon River.

Upper Vermilon Looking West.
The current weather forecast is for three days of intermittent rain. So yesterday, Boom & I rushed out to get some more fall forest photos, before the rain knocks down the leaves. This is some of the collection from the upper river. You'll see mist in some photos as it rises off the river. Nothing is consistent in the forest as there are still some wild flowers blooming.

I put in the water bomber thinking most of you would not have seen one before. There's a fire base  here complete with aircraft including choppers. A Post to SWF @  NOTE: The slide show is working again. Just click the photo and go.

Looking into a misty west

Directly across the River.With the Sky Reflected.
West With Sky Reflected.

Looking South.

The far Bank with the Sky Reflected.

Wild Iris.

Red Clover.

Rusty Blackbird.

Female Hairy Woodpecker.

Canada Geese Precision Flying Team.

Tree Sparrow.

White Crowned Sparrow

Ontario MNR Water Bomber


  1. °º✿
    º° ✿°º✿ Olá!
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    ✿° o Paisagens tão lindas... um sonho.
    º° ✿♥ °
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  2. Fabulous turquoise skies and reflections Gary!

  3. Rusty Blackbird is my favourite, I think it was good pictures.

  4. neat plane! and gorgeous reflections! very nice!

  5. Hi Gary

    Your landscapes are really capturing fall in the shield. The Rusty Blackbird really shows off the colour in what might be dismissed as a drab bird from a distance.


  6. Wow Gary! Those reflections are superb!
    Loved the flying geese formation. Thanks for including the bomber pic - a super capture!

  7. always enjoyable to see what nature photos you have to share with us in the blogging world

  8. the reflecton images are so amazing. is it raining yet?

  9. Beautiful skies and autumn colors! Love the reflections on the still, still water! The geese are awesome and like Carletta I really like the bomber shot! Have a great weekend, Gary!


  10. Wonderful images! Both of the scenery (would love to walk there) and sweet birds! :)

  11. I've never seen a water bomber (except on TV news)! I always enjoy your bird shots.

  12. The sky reflected in the river is glorious, and I love geese:)

  13. Wonderful autumn shots. What a beautiful place to explore.

  14. You live in such a scenic area and I really thought a 'water bomber' was a nickname for a favorite bird you watch :O) oh, well...

  15. I really love those high up views out over the rocks and water.

  16. ha! I just read Noni's comment and had to laugh because I thought the same thing! I'm just marveling at the beauty here. I love "looking into a misty west". these photos are so gorgeous. I think my favorite thing about your area is the rock outcroppings. but it's all so lovely. you're blessed to live surrounded by such beauty. I hope you and Boom have a great weekend capturing autumn's magic.

  17. Beautiful scenes again and I especially love the reflections in #3 and 6. The Clover looks like it has been kissed by Jack Frost. Your bird photo's are always superb and I like the geese in their precision flying formation.
    The wild iris looks like the michaelmas daisy's growing in my lower garden.
    Seeing the water bomber reminded me of Nicholas Evans book 'The Smoke Jumper.' Have you read it? Nicholas, his wife and two friends picked mushrooms and ate them, unfortunately they were highly toxic, all four nearly died. Nicholas has finally received a kidney transplant, the others are still waiting and on dialysis.

  18. Your photographs are stunning! You live in a very beautiful part of the world.

  19. All of your pictures are beautiful. Makes me want to visit the Great White North!

  20. The river and skies are a wonderful shade of blue!

  21. Glad you rushed out to take some more pics. They're stunning!

  22. Sadly, water bombers are all too common downunder in OZ during bushfire (I think you call it wildfire?) season. And wild Canada geese are rare vagrants! So nice to see your part of the world!!

  23. Wow! Fantastic shots.
    The last one thrills.

  24. Nice bird series and some great landscapes!

  25. great shots all of them, but I was really interested in the water bomber, as I have never seen one of those before,