Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Heavy Frost On the Vermilon River. A Post To SWF

Sunrise Through the Fog
There was a heavy fog on a very cold morning this week; in fact, the fog was moving through the air in waves and heavier than a scotch mist. The air was cold enough to result in a heavy frost that adhered to everything. I was initially going to talk about the different kinds of frosts, but Wiki has an excellent article on them and in addition I'm uncertain whether this is a Hoar or a Rime frost. So much for that idea. But there is another thought here and it is the seasonal variation in light that I shoot in. From intense sunlight to gray light brightened by snow, and this light which is the result of fog and frost. Pretty though isn't it?
The Frost Coating Everything.

Looking SE as the Sun tries to Burn Through.

More East Than South.

South Again.

With Track Again.

Beginning of Trail with Sun

Sun Over East Track Wetland.

Ice Crystals On Leaves.

 These shots indicate how thick the ice crystals are, as does the ice on the grasses in the above photos. These photos were all taken at the beginning of my hike into the East Track Bog (Tuesdays post). The Woodpecker was actually in the bog. The red squirrel photos are from the west side of the River. It looks like I interrupted his morning preparations for having his photo taken.

Male Downy

Wait Until I'm Ready.

Little Scratch.

Little Scratch On This Side.

Little Leg Clean

Just Brush Up This Paw.

Finished now and what a handsome fellow I am.

A Post to SWF @ 

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  1. you have the cutest little red squirrels! and i love how the frost mutes all the colors!

  2. Not only is frost beautiful, it's interesting to see your red squirrels. The red squirrels here have tufts on their ears.

  3. Lovely shots Gary. The frost combined with the light gives everything an almost pink hue. I am not a frost expert, but it looks like hoar frost because it's feathery and fern like. Whatever kind it is, it's beautiful, like a sugar coated world. The squirrel antics are delightful.

  4. Wonderful frosty shots and cute squirrel.

  5. Beautiful scenery and the Squirrel is quite pleased with itself. Brilliant photos.

  6. What a difference a month makes on the landscape. I really like the lighting of the fog/frost view. Boomer must be happy to have the cold moving in. happy weekend!

  7. Everything looks so pretty when covered in frost, those red leaves with their frosted edges, and the others, are they maple? The squirrel is a lovely little fellow, we have grey squirrels here, the remaining reds are mainly in Scotland now, their last bastion. We had swirling fog on the way home tonight, after heavy rain earlier, but it is supposed to warm up and be nice tomorrow.

  8. oh I love your frost photos. I'm not familiar with Rime frost, but I think Hoar frost is magical, and we get it here about once a year. I always want to run around snapping photos of everything covered in its lace. great shots Gary. happy SWF to you.

  9. O-oh, another cold Canadian winter on the way. Wrap up warmly. Great shots. What species of squirrel is that? Looks a bit different to the Grey Squirrel we have here as an invader from North America - seems to be more white around the eye on yours.

  10. Lol … absolutely love the little squirrel series … so cute! These are actions I see local squirrels doing every day but have not yet captured because of the rapid motions. :)

  11. Gary, thanks for explaining the squirrel situation! Don't think I ever saw this type of squirrel in Canada, but when we lived in Ottawa in the 1980s, we had black squirrels coming into our ground-floor apartment for food!

  12. The squirrel is cute and the frost is beautiful on the leaves, Gary. Tonight it will be -5° here - so Environment Canada says - so maybe I will capture some neat frost shots tomorrow morning.

  13. Beautiful frost shots. I won't see any cold weather until I head to Atlanta for Christmas. Love the squirrel. You seem to have captured his personality.

  14. I'm shivering, both with cold and delight!


    In the sky the stars shine bright
    Not by day, but through the night.
    Should the stars begin to fall,
    There would be no sky at all!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    California Sky

  15. Oh - I love those frosty pictures! Frost, sun, mist - they are all magical.

  16. Squirrels can be the cutest little things.
    Really enjoy the way frost adds a decorative touch to everything. Thanks for sharing your nature photos with Sky Watch Friday.

  17. Wonderful images Gary and it's getting cooler over here as well... Frosty mornings in the UK never seem as beautiful as yours.
    It usually just means defrofting the windscreen of the car with frozen fingers and delaying my commute... I must change my mindset.
    Take care.

  18. Wonderful collection, lov ethe cute squirrel. have a great weekend!

  19. What a gougeous landscapes and brillant photo's.
    gr. Marijke

  20. Hi Boom and Gary,

    Wow, wonderful pictures. It seems to be really cold.
    The squirrel photos are lovely, so cute!
    Great landscape!

    Yvonne and Raphael

  21. G., I love the frost on the oaks, like some kind of lace on red. Lovely. And the series of the images of the river is very nice, journalistic. We are about to get clobbered with snow tonight, yet, the frost hasn't hit yet! I"m hoping for some great snow on leaves pics, having skipped frost on leaves completely. Odd, very odd. Keep warm, give Boom a kiss.

  22. Lovely post Gary!
    I'm taken with the last sun shot - gorgeous!
    The red leaves edged in frost makes for a beautiful fall image and of course the squirrel shots make me smile.
    Have a great weekend!
    Carletta@Round The Bend

  23. Great post and photos, love the cute squirrel!

  24. All of your photos are beautiful and I love the squirrel. He wanted to look his best for your photos.

  25. Lovely photos! I enjoyed each one. Winter is just around the corner.

  26. Wow, your critter shots are so clear! :)