Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Mysterious Manitou Islands, and A Sharp-shinned Hawk of The Vermilon River, Canada.

I joined Google+, I'm not certain why, because so far it seems to send me emails about people replying to other sites. This seems to me a little too social, but if I'm missing something let me know. In addtion I left a note below for a person who is on his way up to Northern Lake Superior for a nature tour. You might also check out the site, and consider travelling to the same place. Thunder Bay has the advantage of the largest Great lake, and the Boreal forest. They're an extremely active group, and I'm certain will help you. They're intersted not just in birds, but all nature, and you'll experience the wilderness with their guidence.
I'm uncertain why people are having problems getting to the video when most are not so:
1) Click below where it says "click here for today's post" only, directly under the hawk photo.
2) You will go to my second site,recognizable by a different photo of Boomer
3) On the second site read the copy, or don't.
4) Beside the photo of the hawk on the second site run your mouse over the" click here area" only and it will light up.
5) Click it and the video ( on my Vimeo site) will show. Run your mouse over the bottom area of the video, and the start arrow will show.
6) Click it and the video will play.
People are getting it to work now.

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Note To Hikebiketravel. If you're going to Thunder Bay, (Northern Lake Superior) see and contact Thunder Bay Naturalists for some help up there. They're an extremely gifted and active group of people who will get you to the inland waterways as well as the Lake Superior spots.The mean old man Lake plus the Boreal; what an experience!!!. If they ask I'm a subscriber to NWObirds. Make sure they get you to Thunder Cape Observatory.

PS To others: I do the link because this site is all set up with links etc. One further thing, I will not be online on Sunday as the power will be off, so I'll be hiking.


  1. Those videos (or rather both parts of the one) were wonderful. It is no wonder that the Manitou Islands have such a reputation as place of mystery... I loved the atmosphere in that video and your narration. I think I might have wanted to partake in something from that bar looks cool and dampish, even inside!..... But I'd love to take that catamaran ride.

    I'm so glad you added the part on your rescue hawk. She is so sweet, especially when she closes her eyes and tucks her head in for a rejuvinating nap! I think she realized she could trust you to let her recover.

    And thanks again for linking up here. I still can't figure out how to comment over on the video site.

  2. Great picture of the Hawk, liked your video too.


  3. HI Gary Where you said to click, nothing came up,no video but I will try again later as it seems t work for others. I am interested in kowing there is a good group in Thunder Bay.Although I live in N.Ireland, I have at least 70 relatives living there. Some were here this summner but none of them know about birds or any bird watcher so didn't think it might be on for me to go. Will keep this info if I ever do get over there. thanks for info.

  4. Ahhh... Google+ I haven't ventured into that realm yet either. Keep us posted on how you like it, don't like it, etc.

    And have fun hiking on Sunday! Can't see what great new images you have to share with all of us...

  5. Hi there - all the links seem to work for me! The is one rather cross looking bird!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  6. The link did not work for me, hope to see a good series of photos that we get spoiled with every week. Have a great hike!

  7. Love the hawk shot, thanks for sharing the link. Have a great weekend hiking!

  8. The lake cruise aboard that beautiful catamaran looks like fun. I enjoyed your historical commentary. The juvenile hawk is a beauty. I'm so glad he/she was rescued.

  9. ♪♫° ·.
    Passei para uma visitinha.
    Suas fotos continuam maravilhosas.
    As aves cada vez mais curiosas.

    Boa semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.
    ♪♫° ·.
    º° ✿✿ ·.

  10. Very interesting videos, Gary! really , you have an amazing experience of the wildlife... such you have an another great blog...and I hope you can join us for the next installment. so hope you'll be a follower....

  11. the link showed me a single perfect photo of a ..was it a hawk maybe; very very handsome

  12. Such a handsome fellow he is!! Terrific capture for the day, Gary, as always!

  13. what an intense look! terrific capture.

  14. Hi Gary, lovely shot of the Hawk, I don't bother with Google.

  15. Beautiful owl photo ~ love it ~ carol, xo

    ps. I joined google but if one does not join they can not leave comments on your blog it seems ~ generally saying that is

  16. Great shot ~ thought it was an owl ~ it is a Hawk? ~ carol, xo

    now am not sure my comments went through

  17. Luckily, I didn't get seasick, Gary! Glad the hawk made it.

  18. Yes. raptors are amazing!
    I'm not thrilled with Google+. I'm not sure they actually register as people having read the blog post, either, just for stats purposes.
    It's all in mice type text, and I think I miss out on a lot this way.
    I don't think this is progress!
    Cheers from Cottage Country Ontario

  19. I'm not so sure I understand google + either, Gary!

    I enjoyed the video(s) Manitou Island has an interesting history, and the juvenile hawk looked so tired--I likes how it warmed its feet by taking turns placing them up into its feathers ;)

  20. Love this face...and the intense eyes!

  21. Oh my, what a shot !!! I think he is getting ready to pounce on a meal. Thank you so much for visiting my blog -- Noriko

  22. Nice video Gary! Looks a bit cold and wet there!

    Best wishes to you and Boom - Richard

  23. Your work is so beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment on my post - greetings from Tel Aviv!

  24. Splendid photo and video!
    Well done!

  25. So many interesting things here on your blog. So glad you stopped by for OWT and said hello. This bird is wonderful. BUT I LOVE the picture of the dog on your page. See you again soon. Teri

  26. Superb image of such a magnificent hawk!

  27. Have fun on the hike. Best revenge for a power cut.


  28. It's so hot here most of the time that the target birding has to be quick...I look forward to cooler temps and hiking again. I don't really get the whole google + thing. What I can make out is that the + is like "liking" something on facebook. It has however hooked me up to other bird that part is good.

  29. I 'joined' Google+ but I am not impressed with the way it works. So many bloggers don't have the blog link on their profile and when they leave a comment I can't find them through, I give the whole concept a minus!! LOL

    Beautiful hawk Gary.