Monday, May 23, 2011

A Hike To Mystic Lake of The Vermilon River. A Post to My World Tuesday.

Sides of the Bowl.
I had first taken this hike last year in late November before we got snow. I did this because the trail is rugged with about a 70 degree incline and narrow. I wanted to be able to see off trail so I waited until the leaves were down. The trail has its moments, especially in one area where it dog legs at 90 degrees around an outcropping that you can not see over.As well there is a lot of black spruce, aspen, and birch in the area. They rot out early,while the Black Spruce has a small root ball, and you don't want one coming down on you. Also in late November the bears had gone to sleep.

So here we are again now. Photo 1 shows you the bowl in which Mystic Lake is located, and yes, we'll be that high in areas, and close to cliffs that shear. To the north there are about 7 additional lakes and to the south Mystic Lake flows into the Long lake wetlands, and onto the Vermilon River. All the lakes have wetlands and all are uninhabited so we're alone.

Don't Breath.

Again Don't breath

Mystic Lake looking North

Oops, forgot to tell you about those two rocks. Just walk quietly and don't breath as they're on a rock shelve above us. This is the first view of Mystic Lake looking north. All that short brush along the shoreline are blueberry bushes, and the water is clear and cold, but not potable I would think.

Looking south on my left.

Mystic Lake is fairly large. I came up not just because it's so beautiful, but also because the Vermilon is in flood and the aquatic birds have moved off to find other nesting areas. And I was right, they're up here.

Again Looking South.

We're going south by trail to the narrows so it's further and more rugged than it would be by kayak or canoe. We're actually going to hike to the hydro pole shown in the photo below. In effect we'll be backtracking at the foot of the cliff we came in on. The we'll climb up to that hydro pole.

Moving south to the narrows.

The narrows from the trail to the hydro pole.

We've come a long way, and we're at a fair elevation now. The trail is a difficult one not just from the incline but we're passing through several small wetlands and streams which are gloppy, so we have to be careful.
Small water fall


These streams are not only pretty but they feed the forest floor, and I included some of the wild flowers in the post.
Blueberry Flowers



The first flowers to show are the blueberries, the dogwood and the violets. All of these, except the dogwood, are small flowers. The other one I didn't get a photo of was the wild strawberry flowers, a few of which are out now.


The ducks were there, both the buffleheads and the Mallards, and some geese were in one of the wetlands. I didn't take any photos of the aquatic birds as I had hiked quite far, and I had forgotten to take my water flask, so I wanted to get back. Remember I had to back track and pick up the old trail that I came in on.

Just a quick word about insects, they're out in droves. Black flies don't bite me, but mosquitoes do at least for a short while, so I'm wearing my netting and gloves. I wear a hat, with a strap so it doesn't blow off, on top of the netting with a brim so I can get the camera easily under the brim. The hat shades my eyes so I can see. I don't wear sunglasses as they would just be another inconvenience as I have my cane in one hand, with a strap so it never falls either,but I can release it, and the camera is cradled in my arm. But the whole rig is hot, so that cool Mystic Lake water is very refreshing.

I'll be posting the wildlife photos that I took to WBW on Wednesday.

A Post to My World Tuesday.


  1. Hi there - that really does look like a great place to go for a hike - although I have to say the insects don’t sound too great!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  2. you really do put yourself in peril with some of your hikes. the sheer drop-offs and rocks above your head?! Eek! but it's really beautiful country. thanks for taking pictures to share with us. (loved those little violets!)

  3. Beautiful shots. Interesting hike and place is very scenic.

  4. You do enjoy your world to the fullest and your enthusiasm is tangible through your posts and therefore always a delight to see/read! And you do get into some perilous places! Magnificent! Enjoy your week, Gary!


  5. Beautiful landscape - it makes me long for my summer holiday:)

  6. This does seem like a long trek to have forgotten your water flask. But the cool lake does sound refreshing. The flowers sprouting along the way are a nice touch of color!

  7. The nature is fantastic in every side of it's appearance. You live in a beautiful landscape Gary!

  8. Great shots, that looks like a beautiful hike. But a 70-degree is too steep for me, that's almost vertical!

  9. Thanks for taking us on your hike Gary. The scenery is magnificent.

  10. Seems like a wonderful hike!Its great to have such beautiful nature around!

  11. Wow, what a hike, and without your drinking water, but so beautiful, Gary. I love the flowers. Your dogwood is very different from the BC dogwood.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  12. Another great journey Gary. This one certainly sounds like it had the added 'danger' element in places.

  13. Thank you for taking me to the great hike. I'm sure you were recharged and refreshed. I felt the vital energy of nature. Great post and photos. Have a nice day.

  14. you seem to see more and more flowers. nice to see.

  15. I enjoyed your company through your lovely shots of scenes and flowers and your words, as always. Immersed in such a wonderful nature, we can’t help but get refreshed and energized and I know how you love that nature. Have a nice week.

  16. Wow.. when the scenery opens up and we see the lake for the first time: it's magical!