Sunday, May 29, 2011

WildFlowers of the Vermilon River. A Post to My World Tuesday.

Woolly Violets

The forest despite the lack of sun is coming alive in terms of wildflowers, many of which would be called weeds in common parlance, but they are a wonderful addition to the forest floor. The others are the fruit trees or bushes, which are so necessary to the wild life's well being. There appears to be two violets the big ones and the small ones. The small ones are Woolly Violets; the others I don't know. All except the one opposite, and the photo I added below, are the big violets. Very scientific don't you think?

 Woolly violets are about the size of your small finger nail. So these photos of them are all blown up.

Big Violets

Big Violets

Birch Seed.

These birch tree seeds are interesting in a forest with many birch trees.

Pin Cherry Trees.

Pin Cherry Tress.
The service berries are critical in the forest as they provide food for the birds and four legged wildlife. These are pin cherry trees which will produce a red berry, a bit tart, but which makes a wonderful jelly. Female Bears will bend the taller trees over for their cubs.

 In particular the Waxwings, both Cedar and Bohemian will strip these trees in large flocks. 
Service Berries.
And I'll be there to watch their antics.
Crab Apple Trees.

I included the crab apple blossoms, because they're a favourite of the local residents which is a bit funny because they along with garbage attract bears into town. And the people here are uncomfortable with bears and the forest, which is strange when you live in a forest.
Crab Apple Trees.

Flowering Blueberries

Blueberry Flowers.

All the clearings contain blueberry bushes which again feed the wildlife and me. They are picked also by locals to supplement their income. They are sold in better stores at a premium price. Although smaller, there is no comparison between a wild berry and a farm grown one. As well there are no end of stories of sharing a blueberry patch with a mama bear and her cubs.



I don't know what these yellow flowers are,but you can see how vivid, the forest starts to look with yellow and white together.

Even the dandelions shown below add to the brightness especially against the forest green.




Big Violet Close Up.

This was a close up that just got put in the wrong place.

I had previously posted some Mourning Doves and Sparrows talking about browns and beige's. These Grosbeaks paid me a repeat visit while I was putting together this post. This post and their visit just shows the extremes in the forest- from browns to vivid colours. By the way he's wearing his summer beak which is green. Isn't that weird they change beak colours?
I'll post a full series of Evening Grosbeaks photos to World Bird Wednesday.

Male Evening Grosbeak.

Close Up Woolly Violets.

A Post to My World Tuesday.


  1. these are all so pretty! (loved the scientific BIG violets...) SUCH a pretty grosbeak! wow!

    as you walked along introducing each bloom and their subsequent berries, i could see the waxwings and the mama bear and her cubs waiting in the wings... :)

  2. I think the forest there is catching up with south-central Ontario!

  3. Gary, I love your spring blooms and your beautiful Evening Grosbeak!

  4. The goldfinches love the cones on my birch tree and I try to grow a variety of plants that the hummers like. Native plants are important as well and I try to have some of those in the garden, too.
    It's more interesting to watch the birds eat plant rather than the seed in the feeder.

  5. Gorgeous post!
    Love that grosbeak!

  6. Breathtaking captures, Gary! So much beauty and color! What a joy spring is!! Have a wonderful week!


  7. Beautiful flowers. The colors are just amazing.

  8. Just gotta love those little Woolly Violet!
    I find it odd too that people living in a forest are afraid of it. One may meet a bear in any type of berry patch, they also love wild raspberries and you are so light about there being no comparison between wild and garden blueberries. Your back may back picking the real thing but your tastebuds will bless you.

    Have a great summer in the wild . . . Arija

  9. The forest is waking up with glory! Great shots Gary.

  10. Wonderful flower, and bird, photos.

  11. What a wonderful bloming world. I like your Cherry Trees very much and your bird is so colorful.
    Happy week to you:-)

  12. Beautiful photos, Gary. I love the darling little woolly violet, and the too-too-pink crabapple blossoms. Aren't they great? I have a post all prepared showing the different pinks of the blossoms on our ornamental crabapple, and I'll have it up soon.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  13. Hi there - very nice set of pictures - the violets are great, they were such a marker of spring when I was a kid.

    The grosbeak is pretty impressive as well!

    Cheers - Stewart M

  14. Such pretty flowers! Those violets are exquisite.

  15. We also have those violets, when I looked for the english translation for our swedish name I came up with meadow violet and forest pansy :) They are lovely! I also like your bird.