Friday, May 20, 2011

Scenes, Wildlife, and Flora of the Vermilon River. A Post to Camera Critters and Scenic Sunday.

Clearing N. East Track Wetland.

I wasn't going to include any scenery in this post, but some how these photos got left out of the Friday post. This clearing was according to local history the site of a cabin, which it may have been as the clearing is very well laid out. You can see the effect of what little sun we've had on the greening in the clearings but other areas are just starting.

I included another shot of the channel which was cleaned out and where I always stop by to see if the otters or muskrat are back. See the branches back in the water, I suspect they're back, but I'll have to bide my time to see them.

Otter or Muskrat Channel.

Chestnut-sided Warbler.

White-crowned Sparrow.

Well onto the wildlife. The  chestnut-sided Warbler was a real find and was in the woods just north of the wetland.

I also saw this white-crowned Sparrow along with three or four others in the same area. That means they're back home now.

Female Goldfinch

Male Goldfinch.

And of course no hike would be complete without some Goldfinch photos.

Gray Jay.

This Gray Jay or Whiskey Jack was in the Long lake wetlands actually on the opposite side from me. They're even more playful than Blue Jays. The name Whiskey Jack is based on their aboriginal name which sounds like Whiskey Jack. He's at the limit of my lens reach.

The Raven is a long shot also and at first I thought he was a crow, but the shaggy mane at the back of his head probably means he's a Raven.

Male Robin.

I always have time for Robins, because they're handsome and such beautiful singers, especially early in the morning.

And yes the female Pine Siskin is fine she's just having a little rest after lunch, and her feathers are puffed against the cold.

Female Pine Siskin

Female Hairy.

I put the woodpeckers side by side for comparison. The female Hairy is recognizable by her beak size and the female Downy by the spots on her tail feathers.

Female Downy.

Blueberry Flowers.

I put in some more flower photos because the forest is starting to come alive in the clearings where the little bit of sun has been able to permeate. These blueberries will provide staple food to me, the bears and other wild life, as well the locals pick them to supplement their income. There is no comparison between wild and domestic blueberries.

Woolly Violets.


The Violets grow in patches, and therefore make up for their small size.

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  1. oh, that pesky little gray jay is just teasing us!!! i want to see him!!! :)

    i love robins too. such sweet birds.

  2. Gary your birds are stunning...
    Lovely images of your local countryside and wildlife.

  3. Very beautiful! Now I knew those birds that I've saw this past few days. But I am waiting for finches to come to my feeder. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Very beautiful photos of the clearing! The birds are all gorgeous shots and the flowers are just the icing on the cake! Lovely!

  5. Really beautiful photos again. You have a real gift and I'd guess a lot of patience as I know how hard it is to photograph those swiftly moving little birds.

    The goldfinch is superb. What a splash of colour in the emerging spring forest. And I loved the beautiful little robin. In fact, all of the photos have charm - and you have such a variety of birds, it's amazing. I can see that your flowers are finally blooming, so spring is on the way. Hope you and Boomer enjoy it all and thank you again for showing us a glimpse of your world.

  6. Beautiful shots, Gary. I particularly the beautiful Robin shot.

  7. Many good shots! I sure would like to capture a Raven :)

  8. Must be good to see some green appearing at last Gary. I see the Robin has its best bib and tucker on show. Lovely series.

  9. Oh my goodness, Gary! Methinks spring has finally arrived!

  10. Beautiful shots, as Always.
    Thank you for visiting my cottage country ! I am so grateful for spring.

  11. What lovely scenery - and your bird shots are amazing, as usual!

  12. What a beauty! Amazing series of colorful birds. Still my favorite is your header photo. What a gorgeous "man's best friend".

  13. Nice photos again, the Hairy Woodpecker is my favourite.

  14. Looks like a great day birding and to be outside. Loved your photos, have a great Sunday!

  15. It's always so special a treat for me to visit with you. Your photos, once again, are so incredible!!

    Sorry, I'm so late getting around...I know you visited with me earlier this week at my Camera Critters blog...much appreciated.

    Hope your week has treated you well!!!

    My Sunday Post...'ribbit'!!

  16. Hi Gary It is great to see that all your wild flowers are coming up. It sounds like you and everyone else in the area will be really be happy when your blueberries are ready. As always I love the detail you got in the your picture of the raven.


  17. I don´t think I have sen the downy woodpecker. You have great hikes. :)

  18. Very interesting. I love flowers and scenery and the birds are simply lovely.

  19. This is my first visit to your blog. I like all your photos, especially the chestnut-sided warbler, and the female-pine siskin. I could just imagine the fresh taste of the blueberries and you may find it interesting to learn that also during the Great Depression, my mom and her siblings picked blueberries to earn money for their parents; is it really true that people sell the blueberries now- but perhaps for their better flavor.