Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Wetlands Cont'd of The Vermilon River

N. Pond W. Side

N. Pond to the East

N. Pond Centre

N. Pond Further East
I'm standing on the east track ,a partially abandoned RR track that is used for a bit of shunting and then is totally abandoned after a short space,i.e., missing ties and rails, photographing north to give you a direction. The earlier wetlands (Long Lake) links by a small river and drains into this wetland which is divided in two by a beaver dam in the north quadrant, The RR track bisects what would be a huge wetland and creates a complimentary southern wetland which is fed water by culverts under the RR line. The RR line is a great place to hike because you are raised above the wetlands and the line runs through the centre of both sides. This summer (late) they went dry, but normally there is plenty of wildlife activity, and it's easy to set up your equipment. As you go further east there are more wetlands. Usually you're safe on the old track bed even deep in the forest as you can see ahead and watch for wildlife. You can go for miles as there are many uninhabited lakes and wetlands. As well you can return by other trails that are north and south of the track,or complete a loop and come out in lakes and wetlands that are further south. On weekdays I'm lucky if I see anyone.
The bright red bushes in photo 1 are pin cherries, which I spoke of earlier. Photo 3 is a clearing which is loaded with fireweed in season and is a spectacular site (see earlier flowers of the Vermilon). As well it's loaded with Pin Cherry bushes that attract all sorts of birds, especially Cedar Waxwings. Otters are common to both sides of the wetland, but I have never had the good fortune to get their photo yet.  The berries attract black bears as well.

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