Sunday, October 31, 2010

Views Of The Vermilon River

Vermilon Wetland

Vermilon Wetland
River flowing South

Rock Islands In River

As I said in the introduction, the Vermilon is a meandering River with its orgin in a place called Shining Tree, and flows in various guises into Lake Huron via the North Channel. It widens and narrows at will and is bisected in many areas by maintenance trails, RR rights of way and snowmobile trails. This makes it fairly easy to get around, and for most of you, especially urban dwellers, it's probably hard to believe I can go to the grocery store via the woods with my camera. Boom and I start every morning in the woods weather permitting, and we can just keep going as far as we wish. For you who live in Europe, or S.E.Asia who visit the site, there are no foresters, and no restrictions, very few people as most of the area is uninhabited, and lots and lots of nature. In season the forest even feeds us along with the birds and animals. Yet for Boom and I ,we're usually no further then three miles out and can be home for lunch or dinner. Great isn't it? It also means that animals are frequent town visitors, so you do have to keep to some rules.

There are of course many rapids in the River, but I saved those for another post.

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