Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Wetlands Of The Vermilon River

Rock Outcropping

Red Bluebery Bush

Lower End Showing Fall Colours
 These scenes are also from the lower end of Long Lake showing fall colours, as all the rest will show fall colours. The first series of the same area were shot in late summer. The natural colours here in the Vermilon River District are yellow or gold from the aspen and birch trees, and the yellow of the Tamaracks. But there are some  maples and oak, but not the quantities of the hard wood forests of southern Ontario. Reds tend to come from the blueberry bushes in clearings which turn red in fall and from the pin cherries bushes or trees, which do the same. Both reds are a browner red than the maple red.I included a close-up of a blueberry bush from the same area, which just happens to have probably one of the last dragonflies of the season. I think that you are seeing blueberry bushes, pin cherry trees and possibly some stunted maple and oaks in the rock outcropping photo which show as the bright red..

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