Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Scenes of The Vermilon River

N End of Long Lake Wetland

Shows Abandoned Beaver Hutch Which Has Turned Into an Island

Lower End showing Elevation In Reflection


Lower End Showing Early Turning Leaves
This is the lower end of Long Lake, called erroneously Mud Lake by the locals. The summer was long and hot, without any rain which accounts for the early turning maple. This wetland is one of the few that held water and stayed wet, which likely accounts for the game in the area, as animals sought water. I saw and failed to photograph a Marten, I think, because both he and I scared the devil out of each other. Wolf tracks were constant and coyotes were just beyond the reach of my 70-300mm lens, which meant of course I had to have the Sigma 105-500mm lens-perfectly understandable isn't it? I use this area as a blind area because it's comfortable, and when blueberries are in I just sit and eat them. Bird life is abundant, and non-habituated so you have to be quiet. Upper Long Lake is quite a hike about 3 miles one way with an elevation of about 20 metres or about 60 feet, and the trail ends in a bog area which is impassable for me. So, as much as I would like to go there more often,it's not really worth it. This whole east track area is uninhabited. Remember this is not a park, so I am on my own. Boom does not accompany me because it's too hot for him in the summer and in hunting season even with his red vest he looks too much like a wolf.

Next onto the lower part. This wetland is NE by the way, and feeds the lower wetlands.

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