Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sparrow Harmony In The Vermilon River

These two different sparrows are not usually that friendly. The White-Crowned tends to be dominant and will chase away the smaller Chipping Sparrow. I put all three in because the poses are not quite the same.


  1. What wonderful Sparrows - amazing colours
    (and thank you for your visit to my blog)

    and a word of warning - photography and blogging can get quite addictive ;)

  2. Great shots of adult and hatching year White-crowned Sparrows (not a chipping, 'tho similar).
    'Nice to find another northern Ontario blog. I'll be back.

  3. Thanks Michael. I get really confused sometimes because there is so much wildlife, and the books and websites start to get confusing.

  4. Sparrows are a challenge! These may help:

  5. Thanks Tricia. You're right I'm addicted to the forest and the photography part already.I think it's important to watch your site as the bird life is somewhat the same. By the way, I had a dog trained at the monastery in Cambridge, NY, along the Vermont border, so I'm somewhat acquainted with Vermont. I've got some good shots of your State bird ,the Northern Mockingbird, so let me make you and your husband honorary citizens of the Vermilon River District.