Monday, December 26, 2011

More Favourites At The Vermilon River. A Post to MWT.

We had our white Christmas with a snowfall just in the nick of time. It was a heavy fall as you can see from the trees opposite. The temperature was warm which meant we got out a bit.

The snow really frames our land, and gives it depth in the photos, as well as that peculiar grey light.

 Boom & I had our usually quiet Christmas, spending some time outside, but also listening to the Christmas music on the CBC, public radio in Canada. The music ranged from the Messiah, broadcast from Montreal to the usual carols and to some sacred music. The sacred music included some Gospel music, which was terrific. The commentator pointed out that the difference between US and Canada is the Jazz and Caribbean influence in our Gospel 

Some of these photos were taken before the snow and some after. I must admit I baited the birds. Look at the seed the Blue Jay is standing in.

Even though there is a touch of light, his back feathers are still not shimmering.

This female Hairy Woodpecker dropped by.

And stayed to check out the peanut shells.

The light is a little strong in this shot but the Goldfinch looks so cocky.

Now he's more posed.

He's more posed in all these shots.

The Mourning Doves look especially Christmas like.

As I said earlier winter tends to frame these guys.

This is the same pair as before.

About five of them showed up, and some perched in the tree.

As well a single Redpoll showed up. This is a male.

A commentator on the site remarked earlier that he just couldn't see how these small birds could survive, but look at him digging for food. The snow is just flying.

For the effort he was successful!!

He's just peering over the snow bank.

What would a post be without any Red Squirrels.

Just a lunch break here.

And a supper break.

I like this shot because of the snow sticking to his fur. Maybe it's a brunch break that he's on now.


  1. just LOVE your squirrels! can never have too many! keep 'em coming!

    love your bird shots, too. and that lovely rushing water!

  2. Do you realize just how jealous you are making me? I can't seem to capture a bird up close to save my life! Ha!!!

    All of your pictures are just wonderful. It makes mine look lackluster at best.


  3. Great series, love the birds. Especially the redpoll and the doves are pretty.

  4. Ah, I can almost hear the rushing water! Beautiful! And, of course, I too, love your squirrel friends! Your bird captures are fantastic as always! Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year, Gary!


  5. Love your photos Gary, they are lovely and clear and give a wonderful look into your world.

  6. Hi Gary! Great set of pictures. Bait? No, just offering a helping hand I would say!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. Beautiful shots of the snow! And amazing ones of the birds. I can't believe all that wildlife stays in the cold.

  8. SO enjoyed going through your bird and squirrel pictures! Beautiful!

    All the best for the New Year!

  9. What amazing shots! We're still waiting for a good snowfall this year.

  10. With all those brakes, the red squirrel must have got a lot of work done!
    Nice to see you get out with Boomer.
    We watched the Christmas service from St.Peter's Basilica in Rome, the singing was just amazing.

    Love all your birds, the Mourning Doves look particularly fetching against the snow.

  11. Beautiful shots of birds and squirrel.

  12. I am always amazed at your bird photos! And a squirrel. Sooo lovely!


  13. Beautiful set up, my favourites is the Mourning Doves and Redpolls, they are special.

  14. I have no favorites they are all beautyfull as ever.
    gr. Marijke

  15. Fantastic selection of pictures Gary.
    I love your Blue Jays.

  16. at last I can post to your blog....

    Awesome post Gary. The Redpoll series is stunningly brilliant

  17. So beautiful. Your Christmas Day sounds perfect -- I am not a cold-weather fan (I guess obviously) but would love to be able to magic-carpet my way to snow just for a day or two this time of year. Bill says he'd rather just look at your pictures. And that's actually a pretty good substitute! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Beautiful post and a gorgeous series of photos.
    Love the birds and the squirrel.

  19. Lovely shots, Gary! I'm always amazed watching tiny ground-feeding birds like the song sparrow digging through the snow for food.

  20. Sweet songbirds, and the Redpoll, I do hope we get a visit this season, for they are such beauties. Happy new Year~

  21. Beautiful birds and the music you listened to sounds most enjoyable.

  22. I really like the doves and redpoll's! Great pictures!

  23. Great series of pictures - again. Wish we had snow too, but today it's raining.

  24. I love squirrels. Ok. I love ALL yor photos!

  25. I love the shots of all the animals and of your beautiful white Christmas.

  26. What a full time job it is staying fed in the cold, cold North! Wonderful pictures as always Gary.
    Happy New Year!

  27. I`m seeing many of the same birds here right now,tho not the redpoll & the red squirrel{we have the gray & the flying squirrel here},they may show up later,lovely pictures against your new snow,happy new year,phyllis

  28. We have had some snow here in western NY and it's cold. I am not expecting redpolls this year or pine siskins as they said the seed crop was good in the north...I love watching the squirrels...Michelle

  29. Great shots of all your birds Gary! The Mourning Doves look especially beautiful against the snow and it's nice seeing the Redpoll. We have a rare sighting of a Common Redpoll here travelling with a flock of Savannah Sparrows and Lesser Goldfinches. I was fortunate to add it to my life list just last week!