Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Grey Skies of The Vermilon River. A Post to Scenic Sunday, and MWT.

There are weeks and then, there are weeks. This week was the latter. In fact it was a Murphy's law week: If it could go wrong it did. I experienced small appliance failure. First the coffee maker; then the fryer. What's life without coffee and french frys. Being fairly isolated I ordered by catalogue, but the appliances were shipped separately. The first day went fine. The second day was warmer so I changed my coat, and forgot to change my wallet over to the different coat. I had to come all the way home and then return.

Anyway the week that was, is at an end. The weather continues to be grey, although we have had snow which makes it brighter. The upper photo is looking north and the opposite one south. 

This photo shows the rocky west bank, and makes the river appear rather placid.

This is the main channel looking south again. All the little islands which are nothing but rock outcroppings form side ponds.

This photo is the other side of the island shown above and shows the pond.

This view looks north west. The river takes a dog leg here, before straightening again.

The island from the north side.

The island and the pond from the north side.

Close up of the Blue Jay. For such a squawky cut up, they're really quite handsome.

Once they get used to you you can attract them with peanuts.

This one is the pensive Blue Jay.

Boomer and I take about six walks a day. These are Boomer's walks, and are apart from photographic hikes. If we're on the east side of the River, Huegy and his mate will follow us, and as we draw closer to home, he precedes us and patiently waits.

He and his mate then wait to be fed. Some neighbours are starting to notice this weird procession and think it's a riot.

Black-capped Chickadee on a grey day.

A Male Hairy Woodpecker. A Post to Scenic Sunday @ and to MWT @


  1. Gorgeous photos. I love this time of year just prior to the snows.

  2. love those still water scenes. so gorgeous like glass. i like your procession! :)

    and i have a back-up coffee maker in a box in case my other one breaks. i will not go without! :)

  3. Your Blue Jay is a lovely little bird Gary.
    Beautiful landscape images.. it does look remote.
    I hope you get your apppliances sorted soon.

  4. Beautiful post!
    Gorgeous landscape and bird photos.
    Love the Blue Jay!

  5. A nice place you live Gary, With Blue Jays for company you will never be quiet. Hope you don't get too much snow that stops you getting out with the camera.

  6. You got some amazing pictures for having 'one of those weeks'. Glad you didn't let the annoyances get you down -- and sure glad you have your camera with you on all those walks. I wish I had somewhere that beautiful to walk in daily.

  7. Hi Gary

    That is a lot of walks, Boomer is a lucky fellow.
    I guess when it comes to birds you can buy friends and peanuts do seem to be one of the best bribes.


  8. That blue jay is a delight!

    Here's hoping you have a great week full of coffee and fries!

  9. Yours is a beautiful world, I like those reflections. You caught some nice detail in jays feathers. Nice series.

  10. Lovely views of the river and scenery. Great shots of the jays and I love the woodie.

  11. Great views of that placid lake ... and your wonderful long walks give us great photos!

  12. What an awesome view and great catches of your birdies!

  13. coul be grey...but the photos are GREAT!
    Thank you!!!

  14. I do so like your walks and what a hoot to have Huegy waiting for your return. I bet Boomer is enjoying the cooler weather.