Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Dose of Whimsy from The Vermilon River. A Post to SWF.

I'm writing this on Wednesday morning. We have totally run the weather gamut from 0 degrees C to -22 C, about 5 below F. We started with a wet snow and continued to a heavy cold snow with high winds forming drifts. I'm not even concerned with the wind chill temperature. It's just damn cold, although it is sunny today. I did check the temperature with the windchill,it's -28C or 12 below zero F.  

Even Boomer was cold this morning, as I had to stop and take the snow out of his paws. He was quite content to come home, and curl up in his spot. 

The initial photos all show the cold. The second one shows the actual colour of the water, which is stained copper from the minerals in the rock. One person said it looked like whiskey, which is certainly an intriguing thought.

This shot of a Goldfinch shows the frozen ice and the wet snow falling early in the day.

This one was taken later in the day and he's all puffed up against the cold and the wind.

The Blue Jay of course will eat his way to warmth.

The Chickadee is doing the same thing despite the wind, which is ruffling his feathers.

The Starling is another tough customer that fares well in the winter.

The Northern Crows forage all day, despite the weather.

This is Huegy up close.

You can just see the red patch on the back of his head. He's A Hairy Woodpecker.

Another shot.

And a rear view to show the detail in his feathers.

This little one is a female Pine Sisken all blown up against the wind and cold.

And here comes the whimsy with a quick reversal of the cold. This Black Swallow Tail is on a fireweed plant.

A vivid view of a Milbert's Tortoiseshell.

I'm not certain what these are, but they were on a forest trail, and look quite warm with the sun back lighting them.

A thistle flower of course, and the electric pink makes it warmer.

Another Crow shot that I neglected to include in the preceding sequence, so it's back to winter at the Vermilon River.

And of course another squirrel shot. A Post to SWF @   HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!


  1. Great shots Gary! The Starling actually has beautiful markings!

  2. Brrr - that's cold. But oh so lovely! Happy New Year.

  3. enjoyed the roller coaster. winter/cold to blooms and colors of summer to SQUIRREL! :)

  4. A wonderful series of captures with a wide ranging variety scenes and subjects. Natures bounty!

  5. It's been a while since I last saw butterfly! Lovely post:)
    Happy New Year!!!!!

  6. My favourite is the Woodpecker, it's a winner.

  7. it's flipping cold here as well. I love how the birds all fluff up against the cold.


  8. Thanks a lot.

    Wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  9. Terrific captures as always, Gary! Wishing you and Boom a very Happy New Year!


  10. If I puff myself up, will I be able to stay warm??
    As usual great shots - thank you for braving the cold to get them.
    Happy New Year, Gary (and Boom)

  11. Ooooh, how beautiful it is. Clear and bright and good shots :0) Happy New Year !

  12. Wonderful skies and winter scenes - it was cold here in Florida this morning (40 F...that's cold for here)....I enjoyed the whimsical birds and squirrels a lot too! And I know a few people who, perhaps unfortunately, would love to find a creek of whiskey.

  13. Great Eastern skies!! Wow the birds...they are still hanging around... most of ours are gone...although the other day...thought I heard a Meadowlark!

  14. Great shots of your critters!
    May you have a Happy New Year!

  15. happy New Year from a still green Sweden. :)

  16. Great shots! I always enjoy your birds! Happy Skywatching and I wish you a very Happy New Year!

  17. I love your photography of the roaring icy water, snow and birds. Wonderful sequence.

  18. A wonderful collection, just wow!

  19. Hi there - no post is complete without a squirrel!

    Hope you have a good New Year.

    Stewart M - Australia

  20. Just amazing shots of the wildlife and flowers. Have a Happy New Year filled with many blessings. Mickie ;)

  21. I really like these pictures, bright and charming and a cold river some beautiful pictures of birds, happy holidays and wish you a wonderful 2012.

  22. Great colletion! - and I love the light on the squirrel's fur.

  23. Happy New Year to you too, lovely collection of nature photos. Thanks for sharing your nature walks with us through the year.

  24. Gorgeous! Each creature has such expresivness in their eyes or the tilt of their heads. Thanks for taking us on this little journey Gary. Happy New Year!

  25. Que 2012 traga novos sonhos, novas alegrias e muita inspiração para belas fotografias!

    ¨¨¨¸.•°` BOAS FESTAS!!!
    ¸.•°`♥✿⊱╮FELIZ 2012!!!

  26. Nature is amazing, how can these little creatures survive outside in such cold?

  27. Gorgeous shots, all. We've been lucky not to have snowy weather . . . yet. The thermometer has stayed above 0 F but the wind has done its share of blowing the birds around, except of course for those heavy weight crows. They're delighting in having most of the area all to themselves.

  28. Hi Gary

    A lovely sequence.

    All the best in the New Year.