Thursday, November 24, 2011

Icy Scenes, Canada Geese, Ravens, Chickadee, and Redpolls of the Vermilon River.A Post to SWF.

All these photos were shot on the west side of the River on Wednesday, a bright cold day, as you can see from the ice build up in the rapids. But the weather is up and down, as the forecast for today is 6C and for tommorow a balmy 9C.

At every turn in the rapids the spray is creating an ice sculpture.

Similarly just above the rapids, ice is forming in the little bays and inlets created by the meandering river.

The wetlands are also freezing over. The reflection is in the ice skim on this wetland.

But the Vermilon never really freezes as these geese seem to realize. I think they're from further North, and are just building up to migrate.

There is too much motion blur in this photo, but I'm always fascinated by the way these guys take off from a floating start. Look at the amount of water displacement.

After disturbing them, I caught the flock flying up river, on my way back.

Catching them in flight was a bit like a naval anti-aircraft gunner must have felt before the invention of electronic equipment.

The crows inhabit the east side, and the Ravens rule the river banks. My home Crows accompany Boomer, and I on our walks but only so far. They avoid Raven territory. You can tell this is a Raven by the wedge shape to his tail

Again, I'm amazed at the wing movement involved in flight.

This Black-capped Chickadee finally stopped horsing around for me to get a close up.

This is the same male Redpoll in both shots. These guys are also hard to get good photos of as they're flighty.

A post to SWF @ and Scenic Sunday @  Click on the photos for the slide show. Happy Thanksgiving to all American readers.


  1. beautiful waters - even semi-frozen. and love those gorgeous redpolls...

  2. Love the pictures of Canada gees :0) Lovely shots :0)

  3. Beautiful ice shots. Seems so early. It's still warm and sunny down here. I guess I'll be enjoying winter vicariously through your pictures.

  4. Amazing photos Gary -- that is new to me about how to tell Ravens from crows -- I've heard a lot of theories, but now I will look for a wedge-shaped tail for a raven. thanks for the beautiful walk!

  5. Lindas fotografias... onde moro não cai neve e nem há congelamento de rios ou lagos...


    Bom fim de semana!

    ❤ Brasil

  6. Amazing to see Gary... wonderful captures.

  7. Wonderful photos, I just love all the birds. The first two shots gives me goosebumps. Happy SKywatching!

  8. Beautiful captures Gary!
    So loverly to see...
    Have a happy SWF and greetings from Holland,

  9. Beautiful shots, love the birds.

  10. Hi Gary

    The ice on the rapids is wonderful and the flying birds especially the ravens are very very impressive. I loved this post.

    Regards to Boomer.


  11. Fantastic shots of the birds in flight!

  12. Beautiful. Especially the photos of the birds in flight.

  13. All that ice mede me feel as I was freezing...LOL...No, I'm just Kiding...the photos are amazing!
    I admire you!

  14. I love ice sculptures. Great shots at these birds flying. Greetings.

  15. Those birds in flight -wow! Amazing shots.

  16. Beautiful shots!
    Love all the shots.
    Have a great weekend.

  17. Great collection of nature studies including those free form ice sculptures, have a great weekend and thanks for your kind comments

  18. Hi Gary
    Very nice collection of pictures! Beautiful nature and bird shots!
    Have a nice weekend
    Yvonne and Raphael

  19. Looks pretty darn chilly Gary! A lovely collections of shots! The geese in flight are amazing.

  20. sooo cold! :) But great shots, like that redpoll!

  21. I like the geese taking off (the motion blur adds atmosphere to it) - and the birds in flight. Great collection.

  22. Hi there - great set of shots - liked the icy grass shot. Winter not really with you yet I take it?

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  23. Great images! First two are my favorite here. I can feel the movement, dynamics, speed.

  24. Beautiful shots, but it does look cold there, brrrr!!! Winter is almost upon on, but it brings a beauty all its own too. Mickie :)