Sunday, November 20, 2011

A New Trail Of The Vermilon River. A Post To Scenic Sunday and My World Tuesday.

Saturday was forecast as a sunny/cloudy day, so I thought I'd try the east track. Perhaps the bit of red in the morning sky should have alerted me to the fact that the weather forecast meant more overcast than sunny.

The scenes are sequenced from south east to almost north east, where we'll pick up a new trail that leads to Mystic Lake or another chain of empty lakes to the north east. This is a good time to try new trails as the trails without leaves are totally visible.

 I was dressed for late fall, but as the weather became more overcast, it got colder and damper forcing me to turn back.
I hardly ever shoot pictures of the trails and forests, so this time I decided to start. For those who have never seen the Canadian shield up close, you'll get a view of it as we're climbing the ridge outlined in the photos above. Opposite you can see the trail as it crosses a flat rock. The brown under growth are ferns so you can imagine how verdant it is in season.

The rock in front is the flat rock in the photo above.The trail meanders according to the height of the rock. This particular area is a good birch stand, and the birch pods provide food for the birds. Where there are birds and small animals there are larger animals, so this seemed like a good place to sit and wait.

The rocks are actually quite attractive. But what's amazing is that this rocky terrain sustains a forest.

Another outcropping across from where I'm sitting.

It wasn't long until a flock of Black-capped Chickadees came along to feed on the birch trees.

They were just a flighty as ever, but I got some good shots from my rock perch.

These guys are amazing in their ability to perch on those trees whether upside down or sideways.

This guy also got curious, and dropped by.

There are pine trees in the area and red squirrels live on the seeds.

I cheated here as the redpolls were photographed on the west side of the river. In the above photos you can see in the background the day growing more gray. So I lightened it a little.

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  1. Beautiful images, specially the squirrels and a redpoll.

  2. adore your squirrels! they look so darn cute!!!

    love those huge rocks!

  3. I admire the scenery there, and squirrels are so sweet!

  4. What beautiful country. It looks cold....

  5. Your countryside is beautiful to see Gary...
    I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful landscape.. as well as your beautiful wildlife.

  6. Lovely post and scenic photos. And of course I love the birds, the redpoll is my favorite.

  7. Hi Gary

    I really liked the shots of the trails winding thru the rocks of the shield. Just beautiful Canadian scenes.


  8. Nice scenery and lovely shots of birds and squirrel.

  9. great photo essay as always gary! Thanks.

  10. I love your shots of the trails and, of course, the squirrel just too cute!! A beautiful look at your world as always, Gary! Have a wonderful week!


  11. The feathered fellow with a red tuff on its forehead has personality plus!

  12. Love your pictures Gary!
    Great shots of the birds and the squirrel and so beautiful...
    Greetings from Hollland,
    Anna :-))

  13. What a lovely hike! It looks a lot like New England here. I love those big rock outcroppings! How lucky to be seeing redpolls!

  14. Beautiful scenery and the animal shots are amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  15. I'm a sucker for birch forests. Have you ever tapped the trees when the sap is rising and lightly fermented it? It makes a lovely spring drink. The chickadees as ever, are a delight and the cheated little guy id just precious.
    How are you and Boomer getting along with the colder temps.?

  16. Beautiful pictures. the birds and squirrel are amazing. thanks for sharing.

  17. You always shoot the cutest critters! Looks pretty mild where you are. No snow here yet.

  18. the little squirrel looks great today. :)